Black Friday is gone with the wind (did you get to grab something and use the promo code on G2A?), but it doesn’t mean the offers are gone too.

Cyber Monday is the traditional follow up for the Black Friday madness, and if you’re into good deals in any way related to electronics and digital goodies, that’s the way to go. Another way to go, is the multitude of offers available still around G2A Marketpalce. You can get go for the hardcore RPG sale, if you fancy good storytelling and less twitchy combat. Or you could visit the page with all the Steam gift cards you could wish for, that works too. G2A Loot has a lootcrate designed sepcifically to scratch that Monday itch, and there’s a little time still left on the Weekly Sale to grab that one game you can so rarely find at a convenient price.


What are your spoils from this time of sales and excellent offers? Sound off in the comments.