Stay vigilant.

Blizzard’s outstanding first-person “hero” shooter Overwatch has no shortage of unique heroes, but it’s always smart to keep people guessing and to make them reasses the metagame. To keep players and lore enthusiasts on their toes, a new set of teases has arrived. First one as an in-universe report by Ana (herself another Overwatch character) about a specific operation she, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt have taken part in.

Another, this time published on Overwatch’s official website, is a letter sent by Torbjörn recovering from his injuries to his wife. It speaks at length about Reinhardt being allowed to name not-a-dwarf’s not-yet-born daughter. It will presumably be Brigitte, whom we have last seen in the rather magnificent Honor and Glory cinematic about Reinhardt himself.

Could it mean the young engineer could be a new playable character? Or maybe it’s a red herring? We’ll see soon enough, but for now we should watch out for more teasers from Blizzard.