Blizzard certainly takes good care of their E-sports baby Overwatch. It would be easy for them to provide marginal updates to the game and mostly rely on microtransactions for profits, but sometimes, Blizzard likes to go above and beyond.

Every year, for a limited period of time, Blizzard implements a special cooperative game-mode into Overwatch and this year’s event, Retribution, is in. During Retribution players will assume the roles of Genji, McCree, Moira and Reaper (before he went all goth, though admittedly his attitude isn’t that different) and play through a flashback scenario meant to explain the downfall of Overwatch (the organization, not the game). It’s good to see that despite scrapping the idea for a single player campaign during development, Blizzard is still interested in expanding on the game’s lore. Personally I like my Tracer for her great back-story. The event is going until April 30th and it might be a good opportunity to pick up Overwatch, learning to play the game in co-op fighting AI is probably more fun than being thrown right in against other players.