This marks the first time Blizzard has released two cinematic trailers for expansion, which should show you exactly on what kind of scale these guys are working on.

The reception of the trailer was truly exceptional after the disastrous Warbringers short featuring Sylvanas. Many are now proclaiming newfound support for the Horde, but this time they’re rallying not behind the Banshee Queen, but behind Saurfang. It seems as though the new fan-favorite character, Zappy Boy said it best: the Horde is all we have left.

The trailer also sparked a discussion about fascism, which is understandable as Sylvanas has became an obvious Hitler analogy. Now this is a very interesting discussion certainly and I am frankly amazed how Blizzard managed to turn Horde into actual Nazis and yet still keep people on board.

Just remember that at this point if you’re still a Horde supporter, you’re actually enabling fictional Nazis and I love that Blizzard has made a strong point of it. And to reassure you a bit my conflicted Horde player: that’s ok. Actually that’s natural, that’s how fascism works. I know you feel that you have no other option but to fight for Sylvanas, that you know, deep down, her actions don’t reflect your ideals and don’t reflect the ideas of the Horde as a whole. And you’re right, they don’t. You’re not a bad person for being depserate.

Given all of that, the Horde arc of the next expansion is starting to crystallize. The Horde needs to get a grip and take down the dictator who presented themselves as your only choice, as the one who will represent you. She’s not your only choice. Saurfang lives another day.

lok’tar ogar friends.