As I’ve mentioned before, Blizzard keeps a caring attitude towards Overwatch, maintaining it like a prodigy baby that it is. Recently they’ve decided to spice things up by adding an Arcade mode to a roster  of competitive modes.

6v6 Elimination Lockout

The 6v6 Lockout Elimination is an interesting combination, removing the missions objectives altogether and going for a straightforward deathmatch rules of getting points for kills, but adding a hero-banning rule.

Basically, whenever a player wins the round, the characters they picked will become locked for everyone, including them. Players of MOBA games will recognize this as similar to the Ban-Pick mode, where before picking heroes, players will decide which of them to ban for the round. This makes for an interesting twist- players can’t just stick to their mains, they have to be pulled out of their comfort zones. At the same time it would be theoretically possible for players to agree on the strategy of which characters each of them will play as subsequently.

Overwatch, Overwatch 6v6 Lookout Elimination
This is your life now, no more Genji maining, only Mercy.

That tactic however can be disrupted by the opponents picking those characters and just being better at playing them. The mode being a straight deathmatch removes the possibility of players focusing on objectives with characters you’re bad with.

I mean personally, I just realized someone other than me is going to be forced to play Mercy at some point. Now all of you can share my pain of being the White Mage.