So as you’ve probably heard, Borderlands 3 was finally properly announced via an extremely bombastic trailer, received extremely well by the larger chunk of the internet. Over the following days, we were drip-fed a little bit more information and a new trailer. A trailer that shows less of the new stuff, but here it is:

Now, the talk of the town is, what else, Epic Store exclusivity. So let’s get that out of the way, Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, 2019 but initially only on Epic Store and consoles. It will be released on Steam 6 months later, in the spring of 2020. That, of course, wasn’t received well by everyone as a certain very vocal minority recently developed something of a ‘distaste’, to be diplomatic, for Epic’s platform.

In less divisive news, Gearbox revealed a host of promising features of the game. Most of the beloved characters from the previous games (including Tales from the Borderlands) make a comeback, but the playable characters are new. They are Moze as The Gunner, FL4K as The Beastmaster, Amara as The Siren and Zane as Batman. Actually as The Operative, but he’s a stealth-focused, gadget-wielding Hyperion person, he’s pretty much Batman.

Interestingly, this time our intrepid Vault Hunters are going to be able to use more than one Action Skill, though their skill trees haven’t been revealed yet. We only know for pretty much certain that Moze’s Action Skill involves calling down a giant mech, which other players can jump on for better cover. Additionally, we know that the game is no longer going to be limited to exploring the garbage-dump planet of Pandora. You’ll be able to explore new worlds in search of new Vaults. Though I’d wager all of them are going to comparably hostile. Vault-hunting is not a safe job and it absolutely does not come with a medical cover.

A lot of exciting stuff! Admittedly, it is very difficult to not be hyped for new Borderlands, excitement is one of the series’ main themes.