Everybody sat with bated breath when Kojima parted ways with Konami. What would happen to the Metal Gear franchise? Would we ever get answers? Will the world know peace?

It wasn’t long before we learned the answer to the first question, because the thing that was going to happen was Metal Gear Survive, a game, oddly enough, about survival. Who would’ve thought! And, golly me, we even got a trailer for it the other day. Take a peek.

It looks great, all things considered, what with spawning object dynamically onto the playable area for extra tactical advantage, building your very own anti-zombie fortress complete with benevolent kidnapping anyone you find, and zombies with convenient night lights embedded in their heads for late-night reading.

Jokes aside, whether you think it is going to be a worthy part of the Metal Gear franchise or not, it might turn out to be a pretty interesting game in its own right.

Metal Gear Survive is set for launch on January 18, so it’s just around the corner.