Image credit: AI-Generated Illustration Inspired by Topic, Dalle-3

Just like its revered predecessor, Horizon: Forbidden West is getting a release on personal computers, bundled with the Burning Shores DLC and a couple more goodies.

Set after the events of Zero Dawn, Forbidden West continues Aloy’s quest to stop another extinction event that would put an end to all life on the post-apocalyptic Earth of the 31st century.

This means she’ll get to meet new tribes, fight new animal-like machines, and face challenges unlike anything she’s ever seen. Forbidden West also boasts new gameplay mechanics and various tweaks, such as gliding using the Shieldwing, discovering what lies underwater thanks to new exploration options, and improved climbing. You will also get to explore a wide range of new landscapes. In general, expect an amazing open-world experience and memorable battles with the machines, just like in Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Forbidden West – Complete Edition is coming to personal computers on March 21, 2024. If you’re a PC-only fan of the first game, it’s definitely a reason to rejoice!