I guess from now on the game will be known just as BG.

Brendan Greene isn’t completely done with the self-proclaimed front-runner of the Battle Royale genre, but he’s no longer going to be directly involved with its continuous development. That role will go to Taesok Jang, while Greene himself will take the reigns of a newly formed department, PUBG special projects.


What will this new elite squad work on? Greene did not disclose fully, but in his statement, he said: “It is those dreams of connecting others that is driving our work at PUBG Special Projects”. So what it looks like is that it’s going to primarily focus on the online side of the broader PUBG experience, but then again that’s still very vague, considering there’s no such thing as an offline PUBG experience.

It’s difficult to say whether he’ll be involved in the creation of anything new within the PUBG potential franchise. It would be difficult, as PUBG lacks a distinctive identity, but the move proves that Greene understands somewhat that the IP needs to evolve fast to not be left in the dust.