Mace in your face.

To the surprise of probably nobody at this point, Blizzard’s Overwatch team officialy revealed that hero 27 will be Swedish not-a-dwarf’s daughter, Brigitte. She’s going to be a support class, albeit with reasonable tanking abilities, and a rocket-powered flail which heals nearby allies whether it strikes an enemy. She’s also going to have a shield, because being a squire to the big man Reinhardt himself carries with it certain image obligations.

Here, take a look at her origin video:

She sounds like a nice character, and although she certainly doesn’t take after her father, there’s no denying she learnt a thing of two from old man Torbjörn.

Brigitte is currently in the PTR for testing, and she’ll be out…when she’s out, pretty much. We’ll keep you informed, don’t worry.