So you heard about Destiny 2 yeah? Well you heard about Cayde-6, hands down the most popular and likable character in the game yeah? You heard he dies in the next expansion yeah?

And the folks at Bungie seem really confident on the idea, suggesting that this is happening for totally real and isn’t going to be undercut by some silly twist (although the protagonist carrying Cayde’s body into the light suggests very much otherwise) leaving Cayde dead for good.

In a recent interview for Game Informer Eric Osborne (that would be their main community guy) talked what implications this would have for the game, the player, the story and other characters in it. It actually seems like they picked the right character to kill off too (provided again they don’t undercut it), with people actually creating shrines in honor of Cayde and writing petitions to save him.

Now perhaps this is a good idea. Maybe Bungie is finally realizing that they really need to “Borderlands things up” a bit and make the story more personal. After Warmind which, while it had some fun lore implications, didn’t really have anything in the ways of characterization what’s with that cute waifu whose name I’d totally forgotten by now, maybe it is a good idea to actually characterize these people a bit and maybe death of Cayde is a good catalyst for that.

Again, all of this assumes they’re not going to undercut their own story here and will actually provide valuable development to these characters. And why they have to kill off, I have to stress this, the most likable character in both games, I have no idea. Seems like a gimmick.

Wait, Anna Bae, that was her name! Heh. I remember it because of a Twitch stream pun. I mean I think this actually makes my point for me. Best of luck to the folks at Bungie.