Hot off the heels of Warmind, we’re nearing the next big point in the development roadmap. To that effect, Bungie has started the process in earnest.

Year 2 is coming and Bungie announced they’ll be going into great details about what we can expect in a Twitch stream on June 5th. Before then we can only speculate based on the past. With Warmind we got a lot so we can probably expect smaller updates for a while before a new Big Thing (TM) comes in.

More immediately June the 5th marks the ravamp of Faction Rallies, something that has been an underwhelming aspect of Destiny 2 since, well, since Destiny 2 came out. Notably, players will no longer be able to join different factions with different characters, the faction choice become bound to your account.

Which I can’t see being a good idea, but it’s definitely a quick idea. In the sense that Bungie doesn’t actually have to come up with engaging faction mechanics and challenges to make rewards worth the hassle, they can just gate them completely. I seriously don’t know what to think about this, as even I can’t possibly be cynical enough to imagine people might actually buy multiple copies of the game.

At the same time Bungie is lowering the entry bar for Escalation Protocol by just generally making it easier. Again, the cynic in me wants to point out that it wouldn’t have to be done if the game was popular enough to have large amounts of players willing to participate in the activity, but the trend is that people want to have a valid single-player or coop experience, even in an MMO.

Audience, there’s… A lot. But all of it will be revealed in more detail on Stream, so I’ll keep you all notified when the 5th comes.