While we near the release of Warmind, Destiny II‘s second expansion, Bungie dropped a new trailer showcasing some new weapons, promising a new raid and more.

One could say they are sticking to their guns. Heh. Get it? Because it’s all about weapons and the explosions and the horde-mode and boss battles and explosions and a phase sword and explosions…

Aaanyway. The next expansion looks perfectly serviceable, it seems to add more stuff that Bungie thinks Destiny II is about and what it’s good at- more enemies to shoot, more weapons to use, more raids to complete, more explosions to… Explode? There is a giant Sandworm. That’s cool and hasn’t been done before, ever.

There is a definitive emphasis on sensationalism over substance and while that may not be a bad thing, it doesn’t really convince me personally.

Maybe I’m just a crank, the devs have noted that they want players to feel rewarded, to have a meaningful sense of goal and accomplishment, which, yeah, that’s generally how you retain an audience of an MMO. I have to assume they know what they’re doing.

I just, you know, wish that goal was also reinforced by a compelling narrative rather than tired one-liners and a cute waifu? Perhaps I’m just not the target audience.