Destiny 2 revealed the full scope of features planned for its next major expansion, Forsaken, during the developer stream on Twitch. Here is all of it:

As skeptical as I am of Destiny 2’s future, I gotta admit, there’s quite a lot of panache on display here. I tried not to get too excited, but I admittedly failed.

Notably, a lot of effort is being made to bring the features of the original Destiny to Destiny 2, something the fans kept on moaning about. The weapon system whereby you can equip any weapons in any configuration is in the making. While 3 shotguns was given as an example during interviews, me, coming from the land of Borderlands, I can’t wait to equip 3 rocket launchers. Shame I can’t dual wield them, but that’s understandable, few game engines can sustain this amount of badassery (and overcompensation).

Additionally Forsaken introduces a new game-mode called “Gambit”- a hybrid of PvP and PvE where 4-player teams will compete for motes gathered from killed enemies, until the can destroy the boss monster to win the round, but in the meantime they can hamper each other’s progress by blocking the mote bank and by invading the other team. And the invading player even has a reddish hue. Miyazaki would be proud. Or sue for copyright infringement, not sure.

There’s more than that of course, new raids, new storyline (with a coherent and identifiable theme this time at least), new weapons and all that good Destiny 2 expansion stuff. Forsaken will be divided into 3 separate entries, purchasable separately or via season pass, which yes, it bugs me that you’re essentially paying a price of a full game for an expansion. A very fancy expansion, but still an expansion.

But hey, it’s not gonna be full price in our store now will it?