The buzz about Cayde dying is slowly dispersing, but in the meanwhile, we’re getting new information about the big changes coming to Destiny 2 and they are indeed quite exciting.

It’s short but quite substantive if you know what to look for. The main difference is that combat, especially PvP is becoming much faster and deadlier with players becoming less bullet spongy. The three shot combo at the end is actually a pretty big thing—falling a human player with three head-shots is big and might seriously shake the meta game, at least as far as the PvP content is concerned.

Also quite importantly and confirming what we’ve previously hard, the way weapon loadout works is being changed. Previously it would have been impossible to carry these specific three weapons we can see in the trailer, but much to the fans’ general joy Bungie is returning to the system more akin to the one in the original Destiny, where weapons can be matched more freely.

Quite exciting all around. Bungie will be holding a full reveal livestream on their channel devoted to changes coming in year 2 in a week, on August 7th, so don’t miss that one.

But you know me, I’m gonna remind you of it when the time comes. See you then.