Unlike Uldren, you’re not gonna be hunted down like the dog you are for exploiting the game’s glitches.

Forsaken came out and it’s doing pretty good. So far the reception has been pretty warm, but as is Bungie’s tradition, it’s bugs and glitches galore for a lot of people. You’d think the pre-launch would have solved some of those buuuuut it didn’t.

A particular glitch is the subject of today’s conversation. Apparently you can (could, actually,  as of writing of this article, the exploit had been patched) clip into the inaccessible section of the Dreaming City map. The area contains a raid chest that can award you loot from the raid that isn’t going live until Friday. Observant among the audience will remember that Destiny 2 has already had an issue of items being acquired before the launch of the expansion. You could call it continuation of tradition.

In any case, in a move that surprised many (your truly included), Bungie decided in a statement, that they will not in fact ban people who abused the glitch, nor even remove their gear. Part of me understands that this would be hassle they want to avoid. But this could only work IF no such exploits occur in the future and, well… We’re talking about Destiny.

So there might be a future in store where players rush to find the most imaginative exploits to get new loot. Which, in fact… Isn’t as bad as it seems. At the very least it’s a reason to explore every nook and cranny of the game. Although how much of an endorsement that is to the game itself, I will leave you to decide.