If you’re ready for some good ‘ol shootin’ it’s time to head to steam.

Modern Warfare’s remaster is a bit of love and hate game. On the one hand, people were extra happy when Activision announced it last year. On the other, it was part of an Infinite War bundle making some uncomfortable.

It was probably just a matter of time until the remaster went live solo. And here we are – you can now purchase it for 39,99€. If you think about the fact that the bundle with the last Call of Duty game is just 10€ more expensive that’s when complaining might start.

And it did. There is an overwhelming flood of negative reviews circling around the games two problems. At least from the fans perspective.

Firstly, the price which in people’s opinion is way too much for a game that has additionally been cut up into DLC bit and pieces.

Secondly, the technical state of the game is supposed to be terrible, with poor optimization and other significant problems.

Well, it is live now so you can check it out yourselves.