Beta’s dead, long live the beta.

The first Black Ops 4 beta has taken its course over the weekend. But fear not, if you couldn’t make it, you’ll have another chance in a month. On that note, as you can see above, Activision gave a head’s up to people not to uninstall their client. I mean if you don’t mind having a hunk of useless data for a month, by all means, keep it.

Also, the next iteration of the open beta will feature Black Ops 4 Blackout Battle Royale mode, equal parts controversial and equal parts fascinating game-mode. So you certainly don’t want to miss that.

Much like this time, the next beta will probably go live for the people who gained access to it through pre-ordering a game slightly earlier than to all of us normal peons who aren’t sold on the idea of getting on something sight-unseen. Then again, the reception to this weekend’s event was pretty positive, so maybe it’s actually worth it.