Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2 will be available in two weeks time.

If you still aren’t ready for the final purchase of Street Fighter V, and mixed reviews from both journalists and players might be the reason, you will have another chance to test the game to find out what has been changed lately. Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2 will run between May 11th and May 14th.

That includes both PlayStation 4 and PC versions, which will be playable for free during those days. Cross-Play between platforms will also be available, if you want to fight your friends that game on a different platform. A lot of balance changes for Season 2 will be implemented. The Beta 2 will allow you to play a mysterious DLC character as well.

As it happens with online tests, your progress won’t be carried over to the main game. All data including earned Money will get a reset. What other features will be tested, you might ask? The Rage Quit Penalty System is getting another update, placing offenders with others of their type.

You’ll surely appreciate the improved matchmaking load times both for ranked and casual play. More filters based on country and League will be added, as well as more detailed stats visible in player profiles. Is this finally the Street Fighter V we were hoping for?