At an intersection of huge game events, like the upcoming E3, and the world of game sales is a land of pure, bureaucratic mess. Case in point: Wallmart.

What interests us today is how Wallmart is rather inept at keeping secrets. A leaked games-listing for 2018 and 2019 discovered by Twitter used Wario64 (great handle, by the way) has some interesting things on it and may hint on what is to come at E3.

Now things like Borderlands 3 and Life is Strange 2 are entirely unsurprising, even if welcome indeed (I’ve been waiting for new Borderlands long enough and I love stories involving lesbians too much to pass on LiS 2). Similarly a new Assassin’s Creed is just what we expect at this point.

But I do want to stop here and focus on the idea of a Splinter Cell game coming up because this ties into the weird things that have been happening with Ubisoft lately. To refresh your memories- first there was that Easter Egg in Watchdogs, then Easter Egg in Ghost Recon and then Ubisoft released an official modding tool for AC: Origins.

A new Splinter Cell game just makes sense and I’ve already went into great detail as to why in those previous posts. And let me go off the deep end here and suggest… This wasn’t a mix-up. It was all planned by Ubisoft of course! All the pieces are falling into place now! They knew this would leak, this just another step in their brilliant scheme!

Ubisfot is Kojima confirmed.