Ah, the 4th of July, the time of excess, loudness and explosion. This time of the year is always an opportunity for video-games, especially those steeped in the gung-ho aspect of the American culture, to go full out.

I’ve written about the 4th of July cosmetic DLC for State of Decay 2, but that’s not the only title to receive celebratory treatment. The Liberty Strike is upon the CoD fans, uniting all the people of the world in the fight against Nazis. It’s nice when the people come together to fight a common foe, really brings tears to my eyes.

The event is focused on fostering “foreign relations” by the means of the favorite American pass-time: a chaotic mess of gunfire, explosions and cavalier nationalism. Oh, America. There are some new weapons and skins to be unlocked of course, one of them being, as if to make a self-critical point, a silenced sniper rifle Delisle.

The most interesting however is the Wanderlust Mosh Pit, an aptly named event where player weapons, complete with accessories, will change with each swap. As the trailer shows this can include melee weapons. While inherently brazenly chaotic, this is sure to create some memorable moments.

The event lasts until July 24th, so you have the whole month to celebrate the American way.