State of Decay 2, a somewhat uninspired if fun zombie survival game if I may say so myself is celebrating the anniversary of American independence with a piece of cosmetic DLC.

The aptly names Liberation Pack isn’t filled two the brim with content- several new cool vehicles, a couple of new melee weapons, shooting zombies with fireworks, and a new skin for zombies, dressing them up as British Imperialist soldiers, for I guess people who hold animosity towards great Britain? I mean colonialism was their main export for the longest time, so I guess this might almost be cathartic.

So I guess you can use these new toys to thoroughly thrash the somewhat narratively backwards zombies of State of Decay 2 to their rotten bits. If you wonder why I’m harping on about the quality about the game’s zombies so much, check out my review. It’s a good game, all things considered.

I mean this DLC shouldn’t make you buy it, it’s 5$ worth of 4th of july celebratory fun, but hey, fun is fun. I’m not against fun. If you have fun blasting zombies on 4th of July, go for it.