It’s up to you how many alien-infused powers you will use.

Prey is set to release on May 5th on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. As you may have noticed, the closer we are to the launch, the more videos are released (what a surprising turn of events…). The latest focuses on powers and weapons:

You will be able to develop simple abilities like hacking or repair, but there are also three skill trees based on Typhon – the alien race you encounter on the space station. You will be able to use an Electrostatic Burst to deal electrical damage, another skill will lift enemies, throw objects and even transform the main hero into various items like a coffee mug.

There’s a detailed entry on Bethesda’s official page, where each skill is described. While there were many concerns when the reboot was announced, the game appears to be a much more interesting title nowadays.