I’ve written about City of Brass when it came out, but it remained underground for the most part, supplanted somewhat by big hits Frostpunk and Battletech.

But perhaps the time has come to revisit the little rogue-lite game. The newest update introduces character classes, which inject much needed variety to the gameplay. The knife-totting brigand deals little damage, however he can attack safely from range, while the soldier has a powerful, magical spear, but it has to recharge between every attack. And you now can change the gender of your character! How’s that for historical accuracy?

This alongside the previous large update which expanded the loot pool with some creative and useful artifacts changing the gameplay is supposed to make the game even better.

City of Brass was always an adrenaline-filled blast with the smoothness of movement making the experience exhilarating, but it did somewhat lack in replayability. Hopefully the classes will serve to alleviate the issue. No date was given for the update to go live yet, but we know it will be coming to us “soon”.

Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to take a look.