The next zombie adventure will take place in ‘70s with another themed adventure.

I like how developers of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare change the themes of each zombie adventure. After Rave in the Redwoods it’s now time for the Shaolin Shuffle and we will travel back from 1990s to 70s.

After narrowly escaping the rave of their lives in the 1990s, our four actors find themselves transported to their newest nightmare in grimy ’70s New York City. Will Andre, AJ, Poindexter and Sally survive Willard Wyler’s next masterpiece? Get ready to bring back the funk with the action-packed, kung-fu fright fest of Infinity Ward’s latest zombies adventure.

There’s a lot of melee and close quarter combat incoming. If you are a season pass holder or want to buy it separately, it will launch on April 18th on PlayStation 4 and probably sometime in May on Xbox One and PC. Shaolin Shuffle is a part of a Continuum add-on known as well as DLC Pack 2.