The PTSD inducing roller-coaster of a game, Darkest Dungeon, has received its next major DLC piece with Color of Madness- thoroughly Lovercraftian romp into the darkness of the cosmic abyss.

The DLC takes place on a remote farmstead, a crash-site of the mysterious comet from beyond this world, bringing alien and malicious life to Earth and dwarfing the heroic journey of your stalwart grave-robbing adventurers with its sheer contempt. It practically oozes cosmic horror, I’ll give them that much.

It of course includes new characters, new equipment, new abilities as well as new status effects (among others a superbly memey “Refracted” status, which doesn’t sound much like a condition you could be afflicted with, but hey, granddaddy Lovecraft begs to differ) and new modes of playing the game, including an endless mode.

Accompanying the release of the DLC is a hefty balance update, changing pretty much every single moving element of the game, some in large ways, some in small ways. Sadly this might mean the days of Dark Magic healing superiority could be gone, but we’ll see. Generally the update concentrates on buffs to weaker options rather than nerfs though, which is nice.

Additionally, the balance update will grant the Musketeer skin for Arbalest for free to everyone, previously available as a reward for Kickstarter backers, which again, very nice. Hopefully that same Patch buffs the Arbalest though. In any case, grab it while it’s hot.