Don’t you wish you lived in more enlightened times? After the recent Patch 3.5, an interesting feature has been added to the game- on the map Tilted Towers, a mysterious blue glow can be spotted in the skies.

Later on, telescopes were added to the area hinting that, indeed, this thing is something to be on the lookout for. What this actually means is anyone’s guess, but good folks at Reddit who DO have comet sense, think that it has something to do with the map itself.

See, Tilted Towers has something of a bad reputation. It’s overcrowded, it’s cramped and it seems to generate a lot of loot in a very small area, leading to chaotic fights that seem almost random to the players. For that reason some are convinced that the comet is supposed crash into Tilted Towers as the possibility of Epic revamping the map hangs in the atmosphere.

It’s clear that it’s definitely something, however. Small meteor showers have started to appear in Tilted and this shows up when you run the sound the comet makes through a spectrograph:

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The comet itself trolling us

This is the “Take the L” or the “L Dance” gesture from Fortnite. It’s used to taunt your opponent in the game, so the implication is clear: Epic is taunting us here. Now whether this does spell the doom of Tilted Towers or not is still up in the air, but whatever it means, it’s an absolutely brilliant marketing stunt. Think about the economy!

What do you think? Do you think the end is night for Tilted Towers, or maybe it’s something even bigger yet?