If you’ve been following the news about Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world mayhem Far Cry 5 you are probably familiar with the allies already.

If you haven’t, now’s a good time to catch to speed, especially since it’s a pretty colourful bunch, featuring archers, family men, veteran snipers and Hurk, the old pal from other Far Cry games. Yes, he is back, and as crazy as ever. There’s also a dog, called Boomer, and, appropriately, he got his own trailer as well. Good boy, now go bite their nuts off.

Take a look yourself:

Sadly, it seems that preacher Jerome Jeffries and bartender Mary May Fairgrave are going to be our liaison’s for the Resistance more than active support on the field. Disappointing, but perhaps understandable, excess isn’t a good thing usually.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27th this year, so, you know, still enough time to decide whether you want to grab it or not.