Which is a nice surprise after how long it took for it to be released and how lackluster it was at launch.

The landscape of survival, multiplayer games is an interesting thing. If you’re anything like me, it’s something of an otherworldly phenomenon you only occasionally hear rustlings about, but then it turns out it’s actually incredibly large and popular. Like mobile games. And we don’t talk about it that much, unless there’s a big name attached to it.

Which is where Conan Exile fits in. The game reportedly sold almost 1.5 million copies now and is still going strong. Perhaps it’s due to the Conan brand name, the way it faithfully explores the pulp-fantasy world of Robert E. Howard. Maybe it’s the emergent storytelling thriving on the coop and PvP servers.

Or maybe it’s the very generous business scheme the developers have been using. All the major updates and expansions adding stuff to the game come free of charge to everyone. Like the upcoming “mother of all updates” providing, and I’ve counted, literally hundreds of changes and fixes and implements a new clan hierarchy system, a new go to worship, taming of animals and more. Read it at your own leisure, it’s quite impressive.

While that’s all fine and good, can we get the dong physics? You know what I’m talking about. If Dead or Alive can have boob physics, why can’t I do a helicopter in Conan Exiles damn it?!

Baring that criminal underachievement, it’s a cool game. Perhaps it’s time to check it out and discover a tale of high adventure and gratuitous nudity.