The release of a console versions is coming, but some features might be not available due to time constraints.

There’s an interesting preview of Wccf’s Q&A with Flying Wild Hog’s Tadeusz Zieliński (hello there, Zooltar!). It focuses mainly on hardware aspects of PlayStation 4 Pro, but there is also some additional information about the upcoming release of Shadow Warrior 2 on consoles.

First of all, most likely HDR won’t be supported on Xbox One S and PlayStation 4, and the reason is connected to “time constraints”. It’s unexpected, as the PC version is the first game to fully support High Dynamic Range and Multi-Res Shading technology from Nvidia.

The second information is that PlayStation 4 Pro will also be supported, but with “no specific enhancements planned for the release.” We’ll have to wait for the full tech specs.