Hidden messages or coincidences?

In a twist oddly in theme with the Cold War-espionage games, the latest release, Metal Gear Survive (a divisive title, to say the least) seems to contain encoded pledge of allegiance from the devteam.

Discovered by Twitter user @NourishedPsyche (what a handle!), in at least two separate instances the last name initials on a list of crew seem to spell a very specific thing.

It of course relates to a rather loud finale to the cooperation of the Japanese publisher Konami and a visionary (albeit seemingly also very expensive) developer Hideo Kojima, the father of an exquisitely convoluted Metal Gear franchise. ~ Survive is the first Metal Gear game since the separation, and it seems that we know where the loyalties of the team lie.

Even if it’s doctored or coincidental, it’s just too juicy not to write about it.

Meanwhile Mr. Kojima is working hard on his unleashed opus Death Stranding, which, judging by the trailers, can’t really be judged by the trailers.