Whew, with all the E3 happenings I almost forgot Fortnite was still an actual thing. It was a fun time. But now we’re back to business and there certainly is some reporting to do.

Fortnite missile silo


One of the Fortnite maps introduced with Save the World, a very super-hero themes season, contains an underground missile silo and what looks to be a supercomputer. Where it gets interesting is that the computer recently started an ominous countdown. Many are speculating that, much like the meteor last time, this harbingers another great destruction.

Some are making more far-fetched connections by linking the countdown to a Mayan apocalypse using cherry-picked holiday dates and pointing to Fortnite’s favorite llamas as a connection, although it should be noted, that if you pick any religious tradition, you can pretty much find any single date to be significant to in one way or another.

Whatever this all connects to, it’s very reminiscent of the last major campaign by epic concerning the nefarious comment. The countdown is tunning out soon and it’s certain to provide major changes when it does.