Two paid expansions will be released post-launch.

There are a few certain things in life: death, taxes and Season Passes. As there was an announcement about Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Gold Edition, we all knew that additional content is coming. Now we know exactly what to expect. Two major expansions will be released and here are the official descriptions:

Narco Road: Players will infiltrate a gang of smugglers and take part in crazy races and challenges to earn their infamous leader’s trust and destroy them from the inside. Gamers will be able to meet new bosses and travel the wildlands in new vehicles.

Fallen Ghosts: During an evacuation mission, the Ghosts’ chopper is shot down and the squad will need to adapt as they’re tracked down by an elite group of ruthless mercenaries. Players will fight a new powerful enemy, learn new skills and unlock weapons to complete their mission.

Owners of the Season Pass get a permanent +5% experience boost with a single-use booster of +50% experience for themselves and +25% XP for their team (active for two hours). There are three equipment sets included, with a special vehicle as well. This Pass grants one-week early access to both expansions as well.

What’s more, a PvP mode will be added to the game after the release. It will be available for free for all users. 4 vs 4 matches are planned.