Led by Poundmaker they are part of the upcoming expansion.

We’ve been steadily getting information about the new civs that are coming o Rise and Fall, Civilizatin 6 new expansion. Now it’s time for The Cree. Take a look:

The unique Cree unit is the Okihtcitaw, warriors, and scouts that start with a free promotion and have extra strength in combat which will allow you to have a more dominant early game.

The civilizations special building is Mekewap, in reality, a dome-like structure serving long-term accommodation purposes. In game it grants Production, Resources, Food, and Gold when strategically placed near luxury resources.

Poundmaker’s ability mirrors his real-life commitment to peace and avoiding bloodshed. Favorable Terms allows shared visibility across all types of Alliances, as well as bonus Food and Gold from trade routes. The Cree’s ability is Nihithaw, which grants a trade route after discovering pottery and allows traders to claim tiles.

The Rise and Fall expansion is due Ferbruary 8.