Get the chips, The Crew 2 is coming soon.

Or soon-ish, anyway. Ubisoft’s first vehicular attempt as open-world mechanics kind of fell flat despite high hopes, but it did well enough to merit making a sequel which would skip the mistakes of the past. The Crew 2 is looking pretty slick, and it’s coming just in time to make people reconsider holiday plans. You ready?

The Crew 2 is launching on June 29th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It even has a cheeky trailer saying so.

If you’re confused due to the prominence of boats and planes, then you must have missed the info about The Crew 2’s biggest twist: this time around players won’t be restricted to land vehicles. With a press of a button you’ll be able to switch between land, air, and water vehicles without loading screens or loss of speed. It certainly sounds fun, it remains to see how it fares in practice.