Someday Sea of Thieves will reach a point where it actually has enough sheer content to be worth the price of admission. Cursed Sails is a step in that direction.

So here’s one thing Skull & Bones isn’t going to have: literal skeleton crews! 2 spooky 4 me. Cursed Sails, coming to us on July the 31st, offers a limited event to players whereby the forsaken sailors, driven only by blood-lust and greed, will swarm out of Davy Jones’s Locker and sail across the seas, hunting pirates.

The waters are bound to get more crowded than ever. From now on players have to be more careful as every mast they see on the misty horizon can spell their doom. But! Fear not, for the Cursed Sails also introduces new social features. Players will be able to form alliances, share quests and loot and generally band together to tackle the unforgiving sea.

This is really good for the longevity of the game as it may work as the benchmark for guild-esque organizations of players and maybe even a fledgling meta-game in the vein similar to Eve Online. That’s in the far future though, for now, fear the dark sails on the horizon.

I’ll leave you all with a pirate joke because why not: What did the pirate say when asked about their age?…

Aye matey!