Image credit: Appeal Studios

One of the most promising open world action-adventure games of this year – Outcast: A New Beginning – is just about to drop.

One of the coolest action heroes with the dumbest names will soon have to face a full-scale invasion on the home world of the talan.

First it’s Fae Rhan and his lackeys and now this. A strange army of robots attacked the planet of Adelpha and once again enslaved its inhabitants. Through some mysterious magic they bring their prophesied savior, the Ulukai, back to life. And now it’s up to Slade to save them once again.

The game boasts a pretty huge open world to explore and lots of new gadgets for the players to use against the invaders. For example, you get a shield to protect yourself from attacks. You can also use special powers bestowed upon you by the Yods themselves (you know, the deities in the Talan culture). But the true star of Outcast: A New Beginning is the jetpack, which offers incredible freedom in how you explore the lands of Adelpha.

If this kind of stuff is your thing, mark March 15 in your calendars. Oh, and you can try out the demo, too.