That’s right: the Outcast franchise has returned! This iconic open-world action-adventure game, unfortunately overlooked back in 1999, is finally getting a sequel. And it’s shaping up to become something truly incredible, just like the original.

For those unfamiliar with the first Outcast game, here’s a quick scoop. Set in 2007 (then a future), it puts you in the shoes of Cutter Slade, an ex-Navy SEAL tasked with protecting a group of scientists during their expedition to the world of Adelpha.

The thing is humanity finally managed to send a probe to an alternate dimension, but things went wrong and now a continuously expanding black hole is soon to devour our planet. The only way to save mankind is to find  the probe and fix it. As soon as Cutter ends up on the other side, he learns that he is the prophesied Ulukai, a savior of the Talan race, destined to free the people of Adelpha from the evil tule of a dictator named Fae Rhan…

The game boasted an incredible open world full of memorable characters, interesting quests, and all sorts of hazards, ranging from enemy soldiers and deadly beasts to dangerous environments.

Outcast is in fact the progenitor of today’s open-world action—adventure games, though it never got the attention it deserved. Its planned sequel was scrapped a few years later and Appeal (the developer) went bankrupt. Thankfully, we’re getting a proper follow-up – Outcast: A New Beginning.

Cutter Slade has returned to Adelpha only to find out that both the planet and himself have changed substantially. While not much is known about the plot so far, it seems that the world of the Talan has come under attack by hostile robotic forces and Ulukai must stop the invaders and save Adelpha once again.

Outcast: A New Beginning boasts a much larger open world, including returning and new locations, female Talan (nowhere to be found in the first game, as they live on a different island, separated from males), customizable weapons built using a variety of modules, and the ability to fly using a jetpack. Cutter will also be able to wield some magical powers, bestowed upon him by the Yods (the gods of Adelpha).

Lennie Moore, the original composer, returns to score the sequel, this time blending traditional orchestral instrumentation with an added dash of synthetic elements to complement the game’s themes. 1999’s Outcast was phenomenal in the music department and we’re hoping for more awesomeness in the sequel.

All in all, Outcast: A New Beginning looks absolutely stunning and has a huge chance to become a smash hit. The game is scheduled for a release on March 15, 2024.