Oh boy, oh boy. I have been waiting for this. You will not understand how long and passionately I have been waiting for it. And now it’s finally here!

After a short blunder involving Twitch Release, Dark Souls Remastered is ready to rock. Honestly, given how frustrating Souls are, I have a hard time accepting that playing the game on Twitch in public is a good idea, but hey, Japanese.

In any case, the game is out! To refresh your memory- there isn’t a lot changes to the original: amped up graphics, an additional bonfire, some tweaks to the mechanics, logical key-bindings (thank god) and wider range of resolution support. I mean to me that’s plenty enough, but some people are still salty that there’s no bigger changes to the core Souls gameplay.

I disagree and I am very much ready to enter the world of Lordran for the second time. Hit me Miyazaki, I’m prepared to die.