20th Anniversary of Diablo series is celebrated in the upcoming update.

We were all hoping for a lot more than a timed event but this is what we get. Diablo series is 20 years old and to celebrate it, Blizzard releases patch 2.4.3, which includes Darkening of Tristram anniversary event. There’s a video with developers telling us about their vision for this dungeon:

Darkening of Tristram and the whole patch are expected to release “soon”. The dungeon will include 16 levels, old items are returning and some familiar faces are on the way (Butcher with the original look and behaviour). There are some achievements to get as well.

Patch 2.4.3 includes updates to the Legendary and Set items, revisions for Greater Rifts and Quality of Life changes like dyes moved to the Mystic. You’ll find full description of the patch in Blizzard’s blog notes.