And it’s going to be darker than ever! Though I think they missed the mark there, they could have made it a trilogy, Dark Dungeon, Darker Dungeon, The Darkest Dungeon. Let’s watch the short trailer, gang.

I don’t know if you caught that, but that’s not a mountain. It’s a gigantic, frozen Cthulhu monster, that’s what it is. So that’s neat. I’m certainly stoked more than the flames of fruitless hope.

Good folks at PC Gamer managed to snag an exclusive interview with Red Hook Studios, the developer behind Darkest Dungeon and while I encourage you to read the whole thing, I shall put forward the most important and interesting points forward in short order.

The game looks to expand its scope, doing away with the more personal narrative of clearing up an eldritched (can eldritch be used as a verb? I vote yes) estate. In the words of the developers: “Darkest Dungeon 2 is a game about enduring a grueling journey, not cleaning up your backyard.”

The team is keeping their secrets close to heart, as any good occultist should, but they said that they wanted to heighten the stakes a lot, so now this is actually a quest to save the world from an alien threat. And alien threat that I presume to be that mountain itself, because come on, it obviously has a face.

This is facilitated by the profits the studio acquired from Darkest Dungeon, an incredibly successful game for an indie title, which allowed them to expand the team.

And with more money to burn, come big changes. The iconic narrator of course is still with us as is the art style, but the team is looking to shake things up with regards to combat mechanics, though they assure us that the baseline is still there. They also stated that they want to focus on the atmosphere and the “dysfunctional family of heroes” again.

No release date was stated and the team expressed the desire to utilize Steam’s Early Access program once again for the sequel.