Darksiders 3

After a long and painful wait we’ll finally going to get the next part of the fantastic comic book aesthetic-y action RPGs. We just got a new trailer, courtesy of IGN.

We came really close to never getting the resolution to the series with THQ dissolving after releasing Darksiders 2, but thankfully the guys managed to raise from the ashes like a phoenix. We’re now getting close to the November 27th release and we finally got a new trailer. Looks cool enough, although the lack of sound and the stiffness of movements seem to be slightly worrying.

In addition, we got special trailers for the more beefy editions of the game. For a completely ludicrous price of 400 pounds you can get 4 figurines depicting War, Death, Fury and the eponymous merchant Vulgrim. There not being Strife in the mix is possibly a war crime. Also I wish I could just buy the standalone Vulgrim, he’s my favorite boi.

It may be slightly worrying that we’re 3 months away and all we have is two janky trailers and an alfa gameplay, but already a trailer for a hyper-expensive ultra edition and announcements of DLC, but I choose to stay optimistic. Darksiders hasn’t done wrong on me yet.