Horsemen seemed a little too gender-specific, especially since we’re getting a game with a female lead. Speaking of whom, I’m told she’s very impatient.

This isn’t new information really, every game in the series had a very stylized intro similar to this, retelling the backstory of the setting. Although the talk of sin as a main theme running through the game is certainly interesting, especially as it relates to Darksiders II and Death’s grueling journey and his final choice  to sacrifice the Nephilim souls in order to bring humanity back.

The Horsepeople have a very complicated relationship with their ethnicity to be sure. We also again hear the previously introduced Hollow King running the narration and he’s as curious about Fury’s fate as ever. Good, we do need a new Crowfather. Though it is a bit heavy on the exposition, which is never great for the story, but we’ve done it twice already, so I suppose it’s tradition at this point.

In any case, I’m as excited as ever. I’ve been closely monitoring the development of this game for months now and the improvements are quite clear. Darksiders III comes out just in a week, on November 27th.