Phoenix Lab, a studio created by former employees of Riot, BioWare, Blizzard and Capcom, presents a new gameplay trailer for Dauntless, and it’s got an ice-skating giant owl in it!

Dauntless is all about tracking down and slaying Behemoths, monster released by some catastrophic incident that rocked the foundations of a fantasy world. Team up with friends to form a 4-Slayer crew, upgrade weapons and set off to do some monster hunting

The developers like to compare their first baby to the Monster Hunter series, so that’s a good thing. And studios formed by former employees of big companies tend to create interesting projects, like in the case of the Torchlight series created by ex-developers from Blizzard. Here’s hoping this won’t end up like so many other f2p games.

If you want to try some light monster slaying, you can register for the beta. The full game is expected to release by the end of 2017.