Dead Cells is one of these games for which Early Access is a formality moreso than anything else, which is generally heartwarming in the post-No Man’s Sky’s era of gaming.

Dead Cells hasn’t changed much since it was first put on Early Access and its current form. Added are some new story elements and general polish, but for the most part it’s as it always was—fast-paced, ruthless when it needs to be, fun, cute and very varied. For the record, despite what you see above, a frying pan isn’t a collectible weapon. I know, I know, but they need to protect themselves from the impending PUBG lawsuit, don’t they?

The changes made to Dead Cells were sparse, but that doesn’t mean the developers are done with it. The game has already shipped 750 000 copies prior to proper launch and the team is already excited to provide more content for us. What does the future hold? We don’t know! The developers themselves don’t really know, content to wait for the feedback from the community.

So at the end of your next run, be sure to provide that. They’re now committed to making the next big update free, but nothing is off the table at this point. Go and play Dead Cells, it’s a fine game that will eat way too much of your time if you let it.