Remember Dead in Vinland, the survival/strategy game with 7 distinct romance plotlines? Yeah, that one. It got a free demo on Steam.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, now would be a good opportunity to see if this is something that would be up your alley.

I mean I was sold the moment I was informed by the Steam page about 7 distinct romance plotlines involving Vikings and I’ve had some great fun with Dead in Vinland. These characters are really endearing, there is a fascinating mystery to the setting of the game and trying to keep the people you learn to care about alive is a real juggling act.

That’s of course not the crux of the game- the main drive is hardcore resource management interspersed with heavily tactical combat and I’m not usually the one to go for gameplay like that. Even then the game provided some quality entertainment for me, so yeah, I cordially invite you to check it out.