E3 is a busy time for the game industry isn’t it? While there are many, many games all of us are patiently waiting to see more of, one of them has gone into hiding for quite some time now, skittish to reveal any news. That game is Death Stranding.

The upcoming game of Kojima Productions, DS, the brain baby (more literally than you’d think or want) of the legendary game developer Hideo Kojima himself, remains largely mysterious to this day, despite assertions by the man behind the steer, that it is going to premiere before 2019. Above you can watch the latest trailer, but as you can see, it’s rather cryptic and tells us very little in terms of gameplay.

However, Shaun Laden, the CEO of Sony Interactive has appeared as a guest star at Playstation Podcast- Sony’s platform used for the purposes of reaching out to the public with the information about the state of the console.

There Laden has confirmed that indeed, Death Stranding is going to receive an “in-depth”  (very fitting, I approve) look at E3 2018. Whether Kojima makes an appearance or not himself is still up in the air, but it’s good to finally get the confirmation that I can look forward to seeing more of Norman Reedus and the funky feetus at E3.