The new Pokemon where all Pokemon are Orcs and the game is set in Tolkien’s famous fantasy setting Middle-earth launches its new story DLC today.

It definitely looks like a proper expansion, I’ll give it that, complete with a whole new region to play in, a new protagonist, a whole new storyline and a plethora of new game mechanics, such as gliding on a parachute and grappling.

Now when I hear of Tolkein’s landmark fantasy Lord of the Rings I don’t immediately jump to “grappling and parachuting” but apparently Warner Brothers does. Which I guess kind of explains the Hobbit. Neither am I convinced by the idea of recruiting human mercenaries instead of iconic Orcs. You know, regular humans are just sooo boring and last year.

What I am convinced by though is a whole new storyline in a new part of the setting that looks very distinct from the base game and players assuming the role of Baranor, which marks the first time a black character is a protagonist of a story set in Middle-earth. Which, you know, doesn’t matter to anybody except to those that it does.