There’s not much to inform about, but at least we got a confirmation.

And here I am sitting, broken-hearted – I wanted to write news, but the social media farted. There’s no grand reveal, no trailer, no major coverage in Bungie-selected media. Just this tweet:

The Internet went nuts over this reveal because, yeah, Destiny 2 is coming. We do know that thanks to the Activision’s investor calls and more or less direct confirmation that Age of Triumph is the final event for the original Destiny and something new is coming.

Although you can already find 5-minutes-long video analyses of this teaser image, nothing is confirmed. You surely know that “2” means the second game in the IP and everything is up to us guessing. Instead, we’ll just wait for the official synopsis and anything more.

And yes, Age of Triumph starts today, just enjoy the game you already own.