After the initial teaser, finally we get a better look at the plot of the upcoming sequel.

Titled Rally the Troops, the proper cinematic trailer for Destiny 2 was released. Although it doesn’t contain any gameplay, Destiny fans should appreciate many small details and nods that were included.

While the original game had a rough start and the two first expansions, well, weren’t that great, bungie regained the players’ favor with The Taken King and Rise of Iron DLC, as well as various events including the recently released Age of Triumph. Hopefully, they’ve learned enough to start fresh with a sequel.

As you see, The Last City is under the attack by Cabal’s called the Red Legion (or its elite division, to describe it properly). You will be able to export your character from Destiny, but without precious loot and gained Light. The full gameplay reveal will occur on may 18th. The full release is planned for September 8th, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for the first time, a PC version coming.